• Current through October 23, 2012

A security interest that is enforceable immediately before July 1, 2001 but which would be subordinate to the rights of a person that becomes a lien creditor at that time:

(1) Remains an enforceable security interest for one year after July 1, 2001;

(2) Remains enforceable thereafter if the security interest becomes enforceable under § 28:9-203 on July 1, 2001 or within one year thereafter; and

(3) Becomes perfected:

(A) Without further action, on July 1, 2001 if the applicable requirements for perfection under this article are satisfied before or at that time; or

(B) When the applicable requirements for perfection are satisfied if the requirements are satisfied after that time.

(Oct. 26, 2000, D.C. Law 13-201, § 101, 47 DCR 7576.)



This section deals with security interests that are enforceable but unperfected (i.e., subordinate to the rights of a person who becomes a lien creditor) under former Article 9 or other applicable law immediately before this Article takes effect. These security interests remain enforceable for one year after the effective date, and thereafter if the appropriate steps for attachment under this Article are taken before the one-year period expires. (This section's treatment of enforceability is the same as that of Section 9-703.) The security interest becomes a perfected security interest on the effective date if, at that time, the security interest satisfies the requirements for perfection under this Article. If the security interest does not satisfy the requirements for perfection until sometime thereafter, it becomes a perfected security interest at that later time.

Example:   A security interest has attached under former Article 9 but is unperfected because the filed financing statement covers "all of debtor's personal property" and controlling case law in the applicable jurisdiction has determined that this identification of collateral in a financing statement is insufficient.  Upon the effective date of this Article, the financing statement becomes sufficient under Section 9-504(2).   On that date the security interest becomes perfected.  (This assumes, of course, that the financing statement is filed in the proper filing office under this Article.)

Legislative History of Laws

For Law 13-201, see notes following § 28:9-101.