Chapter 7. Standards of Operation.

Subchapter I. Staff Requirements. Back to Top
§ 25-701. Board-approved manager required.
§ 25-702. Employees--notice of employee's criminal conviction.
Subchapter II. Posting of Signs. Back to Top
§ 25-711. Posting and carrying of licenses.
§ 25-712. Warning signs regarding dangers of alcohol consumption during pregnancy required.
§ 25-713. Retail licensee required to post current legal drinking age and notice of requirement to produce valid identification displaying proof of age.
Subchapter III. Hours; Noise Restrictions; Control of Litter. Back to Top
§ 25-721. Hours of sale and delivery for manufacturers and wholesalers.
§ 25-722. Hours of sale and delivery for off-premises retail licensees.
§ 25-723. Hours of sale and service for on-premises retail licensees and temporary licensees.
§ 25-724. Board authorized to further restrict hours of operation.
§ 25-725. Noise from licensed premises.
§ 25-726. Control of litter.
Subchapter IV. Sale on Credit, Gifts, and Loans. Back to Top
§ 25-731. Credit and delinquency.
§ 25-732. Payment plan for use in extenuating circumstances.[Repealed]
§ 25-733. Delivery and payment records and reports.
§ 25-734. Sale by retailer of beverages on credit prohibited.
§ 25-735. Gifts and loans from manufacturer prohibited.
§ 25-736. Gifts and loans from wholesaler prohibited.
Subchapter V. Restrictions on Sales, Promotions, and Service. Back to Top
§ 25-741. Go-cups and back-up drinks prohibited.
§ 25-742. Solicitation of drinks prohibited.
§ 25-743. Tie-in purchases prohibited.
Subchapter VI. Limitations on Container Number, Size, Labeling, and Storage. Back to Top
§ 25-751. Limitations on container size.
§ 25-752. Containers to be labeled.
§ 25-753. Keg registration required; procedures specified.
§ 25-754. Restrictions on storage of beverages.
Subchapter VII. Physical Space and Advertising. Back to Top
§ 25-761. Structural requirements.
§ 25-762. Substantial changes in operation must be approved.
§ 25-763. Restrictions on use of signs.
§ 25-764. Advertisements related to alcoholic beverages in general.
§ 25-765. Advertisement on windows and doors of licensed establishment.
§ 25-766. Prohibited statements.
Subchapter VIII. Reporting; Importation. Back to Top
§ 25-771. Reporting.
§ 25-772. Unlawful importation of beverages.
Subchapter IX. Minors and Intoxicated Persons. Back to Top
§ 25-781. Sale to minors or intoxicated persons prohibited.
§ 25-782. Restrictions on minor's entrance into licensed premises.
§ 25-783. Production of valid identification document required; penalty.
§ 25-784. Sale or distribution of beverages by minor prohibited.
§ 25-785. Delivery, offer, or otherwise making available to persons under 21; penalties.
Subchapter X. Temporary Surrender of License--Safekeeping. Back to Top
§ 25-791. Temporary surrender of license--safekeeping.
Subchapter XI. Valet Parking. Back to Top
§ 25-796. Valet parking.[Repealed]
§ 25-797. Limitation on transfer of responsibility for licensee security.
Subchapter XII. Reimbursable Details. Back to Top
§ 25-798. Reimbursable details.