• Current through October 23, 2012

Where it appears to the court by proof that it would be for the advantage of the infant to raise money by mortgage for his maintenance or to improve his real property or to pay off charges, liens, or incumbrances thereon, the court may, on the application of the guardian or of the infant by next friend, decree a conveyance of the property, by mortgage or deed of trust, to be executed by the guardian, on such terms as to the court seem expedient. This section also applies where the infant holds jointly or in common with other persons of full age or holds a portion of the estate, as a particular estate, for life or years or in remainder or reversion, if the other owners interested, all being of full age, consent to the decree and unite in the mortgage or deed of trust.

(Sept. 14, 1965, 79 Stat. 743, Pub. L. 89-183, § 1.)


Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 21-157.

1973 Ed., § 21-157.