• Current through October 23, 2012

(a) A person entitled to maintain or defend an action on behalf of a minor child, including an action relating to real estate, is competent to settle an action so brought and, upon settlement thereof or upon satisfaction of a judgment obtained therein, is competent to give a full acquittance and release of all liability in connection with the action, but such a settlement is not valid unless approved by a judge of the court in which the action is pending.

(b) A person may not receive money or other property on behalf of a minor in settlement of an action brought on behalf of or against the minor or in satisfaction of a judgment in the action, where, after deduction of fees, costs and all other expenses incident to the matter, the net value of the money and property due the minor exceeds $3,000, before he is appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction as guardian of the estate of the minor to receive the money or property, and qualifies as such.

(Sept. 14, 1965, 79 Stat. 741, Pub. L. 89-183, § 1.)


Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 21-120.

1973 Ed., § 21-120.