• Current through October 23, 2012

(a)(1) Except as otherwise authorized by law, all District government contracts shall be awarded by:

(A) Competitive sealed bidding pursuant to § 2-354.02;

(B) Competitive sealed proposals pursuant to § 2-354.03;

(C) Sole source procurements pursuant to § 2-354.04;

(D) Emergency procurements pursuant to § 2-354.05;

(E) Human care procurements pursuant to § 2-354.06;

(F) Small purchase procurements pursuant to § 2-354.07;

(G) Special pilot procurements pursuant to § 2-354.08;

(H) Reverse auctions pursuant to § 2-354.09;

(I) Procurements through a General Services Administration schedule pursuant to § 2-354.10;

(J) Cooperative agreements pursuant to § 2-354.11;

(K) Procurements through the DCSS pursuant to § 2-354.12; or

(L) Infrastructure facilities and services pursuant to subchapter VI of this chapter.

(2) The CPO shall publish annually on the Internet a report on the number of and dollar value of contracts executed under each source selection method.

(b)(1) Except for members of a technical advisory group, a District employee or official shall not attempt to influence a procurement professional with respect to source selection; provided, that an employee or official may attempt to prevent a procurement professional from violating law or rules.

(2) Any employee or official who violates this section shall be subject to suspension, dismissal, or other disciplinary action under the procedures pursuant to subchapter XVI-A of Chapter 6 of Title 1.

(Apr. 8, 2011, D.C. Law 18-371, § 401, 58 DCR 1185.)


Legislative History of Laws

For history of Law 18-371, see notes under § 2-351.01.