Subchapter XIII. Repealed and Expired Provisions.

Part A. General. Back to Top
§ 2-225.01. Right of Mayor to contract.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.02. Contracts in which Mayor personally interested to be void.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.03. Contract requirements.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.04. Formal contracts with bond not required for contracts less than $2,000.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.05. Advertisement for purchases and contracts required; exceptions.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.06. Cost of advertising.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.07. Appropriations for advertising and publication of notices.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.08. Separate contracts for material and labor.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.09. Operation of District Quarry.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.10. Purchasing sites for schools and public buildings; use of agents; enlargement of school buildings.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.11. Testing of building materials by Bureau of Standards.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.12. Authorization to test materials in laboratory of Department of Transportation.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.13. Sludge removal.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.14. Auction of property unfit for service;  proceeds.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.15. Exchange of equipment in payment for new equipment.[Repealed]
§ 2-225.16. Contracts for inspection, maintenance and repair of fixed equipment.[Repealed]
Part B. Equal Opportunity for Local, Small, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.[Expired] Back to Top
§§ 2-225.21 to 2-225.27. Findings; Definitions; District government contracting with local business enterprises; quarterly agency reports on contracts; Council review of goals; Assistance Programs for local business enterprise contractors, disadvantaged business enterprise contractors, and small business enterprise contractors; Certificate of registration; functions of the Commission; rules and regulations by Mayor.[Expired]