Part B. Identified Projects.

Subpart 1. Gallery Place. Back to Top
§ 2-1217.31. Gallery Place Project tax and fee abatements.
Subpart 2. Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Back to Top
§ 2-1217.32. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Project fee deferral.
Subpart 3. City Market at O Street. Back to Top
§ 2-1217.33a. City Market at O Street -- Definitions.
§ 2-1217.33b. Creation of the City Market at O Street Fund.
§ 2-1217.33c. Creation of the City Market at O Street TIF Area.
§ 2-1217.33d. Bond authorization.
§ 2-1217.33e. Payment and security.
§ 2-1217.33f. Bond details.
§ 2-1217.33g. Issuance of the bonds.
§ 2-1217.33h. Financing and Closing Documents.
§ 2-1217.33i. Limited liability.
§ 2-1217.33j. District officials.
§ 2-1217.33k. Maintenance of documents.
§ 2-1217.33l. Information reporting.
§ 2-1217.33m. Grant authorization.
§ 2-1217.33n. Applicability.[Repealed]
Subpart 4. Howard Theatre. Back to Top
§ 2-1217.34a. Howard Theatre Redevelopment Project-Definitions.
§ 2-1217.34b. Creation of the Howard Theatre Redevelopment Project Fund.
§ 2-1217.34c. Creation of the Howard Theatre Redevelopment Project TIF Area.
§ 2-1217.34d. Bond authorization.
§ 2-1217.34e. Bond details.
§ 2-1217.34f. Issuance of the Bonds.
§ 2-1217.34g. Payment and security.
§ 2-1217.34h. Financing and Closing Documents.
§ 2-1217.34i. Limited liability.
§ 2-1217.34j. District officials.
§ 2-1217.34k. Maintenance of documents.
§ 2-1217.34l. Information reporting.
§ 2-1217.34m. Authority of the Chief Financial Officer.
§ 2-1217.34n. Fiscal impact of issuance.