• Current through October 23, 2012

(a) An official of the Family Court, the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, or the Metropolitan Police Department may disclose information (but not records) about a juvenile otherwise protected from disclosure under sections 16-2331, 16-2332, and 16-2333 in accordance with this section only if:

(1) In the professional judgment of the official, disclosing the information will assist in the protection, welfare, treatment, or rehabilitation of the juvenile;

(2) A professional relationship exists between the official and the juvenile; and

(3) The general nature of the disclosure, and rationale for making the disclosure, is approved by the official's supervisor or agency director.

(b) Information disclosed under this section may be disclosed only to:

(1) A principal, teacher, or counselor at a school that the juvenile attends or has attended; or

(2) A mental health professional as that term is defined in section 7- 1201.01(11).

(c) The information that may be disclosed under this section shall be limited to:

(1) The juvenile's name;

(2) Whether the juvenile is or has been on probation or in the custody of the Department;

(3) Whether the juvenile has violated the terms of probation or absconded while in the custody of the Department;

(4) Whether the juvenile has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department, or another law enforcement agency, and the charges brought against the juvenile; and

(5) The disposition of the charges brought against the juvenile.

(d) Information disclosed pursuant to this section shall be:

(1) Kept confidential and shall not be disclosed by the recipient to another individual or entity except in accordance with section 16-2331, 16-2332, or 16-2333; and

(2) Limited to the greatest extent possible consistent with its express purpose.

(e) This section permits the limited disclosure of information contained in records and files otherwise protected from disclosure under sections 16- 2331, 16-2332, and 16-2333, but does not authorize disclosure of the records and files.

(Mar. 8, 2011, D.C. Law 18-284, § 3(f), 57 DCR 10477.)


Legislative History of Laws

For history of Law 18-284, see notes under § 16-2301.