• Current through October 23, 2012

The public park authorized and established by § 10-140 shall be a part of the park system of the District of Columbia, defined by § 10-104 and shall be under the control of the Director of the National Park Service, whose duty it shall be, as soon as practicable, to lay out and prepare roadways and bridle paths, to be used for driving and for horseback riding, respectively, and footways for pedestrians; and whose duty it shall also be to make and publish such regulations as he deems necessary and proper for the care and management of the same. Such regulations shall provide for the preservation from injury or spoilation of all timber, animals, or curiosities within said park, and their retention in their natural condition, as nearly as possible.

(Sept. 27, 1890, 26 Stat. 495, ch. 1001, § 7; July 1, 1918, 40 Stat. 650, ch. 113, § 1.)


Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 8-142.

1973 Ed., § 8-148.

Transfer of Functions

The functions of the Director of the National Park Service relating to public buildings were transferred to the Federal Works Administrator by § 303 (b) of Reorganization Plan No. I, July 1, 1939, 4 F.R. 2729, 53 Stat. 1427. All functions of all officers of the Department of the Interior (including the Director of the National Park Service) and all functions of all agencies and employees of such Department were, with 2 exceptions, transferred to the Secretary of the Interior, with power vested in him to authorize their performance or the performance of any of his functions by any of such officers, agencies, and employees, by 1950 Reorganization Plan No. 3, §§ 1, 2, 15 F.R. 3174, 64 Stat. 1262. All functions of the Federal Works Agency and of all agencies thereof, together with all functions of the Federal Works Administrator, and all functions of the Commissioner of Public Buildings and the Public Buildings Administration, were transferred to the Administrator of General Services by § 103(a) of the Act of June 30, 1949, 63 Stat. 380, ch. 288. The Federal Works Agency, the Office of Federal Works Administrator, the Office of Commissioner of Public Buildings, and the Public Buildings Administration, were abolished by § 103(b) of said Act. All functions with respect to acquiring space in buildings by lease and all functions with respect to assigning and reassigning space in buildings for use by agencies (including both space acquired by lease and space in government-owned buildings), were, with certain exceptions, transferred from the respective agencies in which theretofore vested to the Administrator of General Services by § 1 of 1950 Reorganization Plan No. 18, 15 F.R. 3177, 64 Stat. 1270.