Subchapter I. General Provisions.

Part A. Declaration of Policy. Back to Top
§ 10-1201.01. Findings and declarations.[Repealed]
Part B. General Provisions. Back to Top
§ 10-1202.01. Definitions.
§ 10-1202.02. Establishment of the Washington Convention Center Authority; purpose of the Authority.
§ 10-1202.02a. Transfer of authority of the Armory Board.
§ 10-1202.02b. Transfer of authorities and functions of the District of Columbia Sports and Entertainment Commission; abolishment of the District of Columbia Sports and Entertainment Commission.
§ 10-1202.02c. Transfer of assets, rights, and obligations of the District of Columbia Sports and Entertainment Commission.
§ 10-1202.03. General powers of Authority.
§ 10-1202.04. Limitations on Authority's powers.
§ 10-1202.05. Establishment of Board of Directors.
§ 10-1202.06. Duties of the Board.
§ 10-1202.07. President and Chief Executive Officer; appointment and duties.
§ 10-1202.07a. References deemed to refer to the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Washington Convention and Sports Authority.
§ 10-1202.08. Washington Convention Center Fund; transfer and pledge of revenues.
§ 10-1202.08a. Establishment of the Washington Convention Center Marketing Fund; marketing service contracts.
§ 10-1202.08b. Sports and Entertainment Fund.
§ 10-1202.08c. Sports Facilities Account.
§ 10-1202.09. Delegation of Council authority to issue bonds.
§ 10-1202.10. Power of the Authority to issue bonds and notes.
§ 10-1202.11. Terms for sale of bonds; additional bond and note provisions.
§ 10-1202.12. District pledges.
§ 10-1202.13. Transfer of excess cash.
§ 10-1202.14. District of Columbia repayment option.
§ 10-1202.15. Location of new convention center.
§ 10-1202.15a. Redevelopment of existing convention center site.
§ 10-1202.16. Merit personnel system inapplicable.
§ 10-1202.17. Transition provisions; establishment of Interim Board of Directors.[Repealed]
§ 10-1202.18. Establishment of Advisory Committee.
Part C. Land Lease Authority for Hotel. Back to Top
§ 10-1202.21. Findings.
§ 10-1202.22. Lease authority for the Mayor.
§ 10-1202.23. Lease authority for the Authority.
§ 10-1202.23a. Use of new convention center vault space.
§ 10-1202.23b. Grant of easements over District property.
§ 10-1202.24. Authority for vault space permit or airspace lease.
Part D. Eminent Domain for Hotel. Back to Top
§ 10-1202.31. Definitions.
§ 10-1202.32. Findings.
§ 10-1202.33. Eminent domain.
Part D-I. Construction of the Convention Center Hotel. Back to Top
§ 10-1202.41. Construction contracting requirements.
§ 10-1202.42. First Source Agreement required.
§ 10-1202.43. Construction apprenticeship programs.
§ 10-1202.44. Internship program.
Part E. Miscellaneous. Back to Top
§ 10-1203.01. [Omitted]
§ 10-1203.02. [Omitted]
§ 10-1203.03. [Omitted]
§ 10-1203.04. [Omitted]
§ 10-1203.05. Audit of accounts and operations.
§ 10-1203.06. Expiration provisions.
§ 10-1203.07. Collection and transfer of taxes to Washington Convention Center Fund.
§ 10-1211. Establishment.
§ 10-1212. Duties and responsibilities.
§ 10-1213. Findings.[Repealed]
§§ 10-1214 to 10-1220. Duties and responsibilities of General Manager; Washington Convention Center Fund--established; limitation on assets; deposits; expenditures; billings and collections; transfer of excess operating profits; Antideficiency Act applicable; annual audit; report; conflict of interest; annual report; appropriations; merit system inapplicable.[Repealed]