Chapter 5. Officers and Employees Generally.

Subchapter I. General. Back to Top
§ 1-501. Oath to be taken by officers.
§ 1-502. Reports by custodians of property.
§ 1-503. Employment to be authorized and compensation to be paid from specific appropriations; moneys returned to Treasury.
§ 1-504. Designation by Mayor of Dr. King's birthday as holiday.
§ 1-505. Effect of signature by mark upon payment of compensation.
§ 1-506. Refusal to give testimony relating to office or employment.
§ 1-507. Wages, salaries, annuities, retirement, disability benefits, and other remuneration based on District employment subject to attachment garnishment, and assignment for child support, maintenance, alimony payments, and other obligations.
§ 1-508. Technical assistance.[Expired]
§ 1-509. Allowances for privately owned vehicles for employees.
§ 1-510. Exemption of District government employees on compressed schedule from federal overtime requirements.
§ 1-511. Review of personnel practices.
Subchapter I-A. Residency Preferences and Requirements for Government Employees. Back to Top
§ 1-515.01. District residency preference for employees; District residency requirement for agency heads.
Subchapter II. Affirmative Action in District Government Employment. Back to Top
§ 1-521.01. Goal; "available work force" defined.
§ 1-521.02. Agency affirmative action plan--Development; submission.
§ 1-521.03. Agency affirmative action plan--Goal of representation; actual employment levels.
§ 1-521.04. Agency affirmative action plan--Projections of hires and promotions for period of plan.
§ 1-521.05. Agency affirmative action plan--Program for securing equal employment opportunity.
§ 1-521.06. Continuing responsibility of agencies for equal employment opportunity.
§ 1-521.07. Agency affirmative action plan; number of hires, promotions and terminations during period of plan.
§ 1-521.08. Detail by Mayor of nonuniformed equal employment opportunity officers and specialists to Office of Human Rights; limitation; uniformed positions unaffected.
Subchapter III. Mayoral Nominees. Back to Top
§ 1-523.01. Mayoral nominees.
Subchapter IV. Modifications of Board of Education Reduction-In-Force Procedures. Back to Top
§ 1-525.01. Modifications of Board of Education Reduction-in-Force procedures.
Subchapter V. Vesting Under Previous District of Columbia Retirement Program. Back to Top
§ 1-527.01. Vesting under previous District of Columbia retirement program.
Subchapter VI. Spouse Equity. Back to Top
§ 1-529.01. Application.
§ 1-529.02. Definitions.
§ 1-529.03. Compliance with court orders.
§ 1-529.04. Enrollment in health benefits plan.
§ 1-529.05. Rules.
Subchapter VII. Office of Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining. Back to Top
§ 1-531.01. Reimbursement for representation by Office of Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining.
§ 1-531.02. Budget for Office of Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining.