Subchapter I. Regulation of Elections.

§ 1-1001.01. Election of electors.
§ 1-1001.02. Definitions.
§ 1-1001.03. Board of Elections--Created; composition; term of office; vacancies; reappointment; designation of Chairman.
§ 1-1001.04. Board of Elections--Qualifications; prohibited activities; compensation; removal; time for filling vacancy.
§ 1-1001.05. Board of Elections--Duties.
§ 1-1001.06. Board independent agency; facilities; seal.
§ 1-1001.06a. Establishment of the Election Reform Fund.
§ 1-1001.07. Voter.
§ 1-1001.08. Qualifications of candidates and electors; nomination and election of Delegate, Mayor, Chairman, members of Council, and members of Board of Education; petition requirements; arrangement of ballot.
§ 1-1001.09. Secrecy required; place of voting; watchers; challenged ballots; assistance in marking ballot or operating voting machine; more than 1 vote prohibited; unopposed candidates; availability of regulations at polling place; deposit, inspection, and destruction of ballots.
§ 1-1001.09a. Post-election audits.
§ 1-1001.10. Dates for holding elections; votes cast for President and Vice President counted as votes for presidential electors; voting hours; tie votes; filling vacancy where elected official dies, resigns, or becomes unable to serve.
§ 1-1001.11. Recount; judicial review of election.
§ 1-1001.12. Interference with registration and voting.
§ 1-1001.13. Appropriations.
§ 1-1001.14. Corrupt election practices.
§ 1-1001.15. Candidacy for more than 1 office prohibited; multiple nominations; candidacy of officeholder for another office restricted.
§ 1-1001.16. Initiative and referendum process.
§ 1-1001.17. Recall process.